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A place where process improvement transforms operational challenges into effective, scalable systems. 

About Kelly

I am a results-driven leader with a passion for process improvement.  My unique approach encompasses a deep understanding of your business culture, readiness for change, and cross-functional team dynamics.

What sets me apart is my ability to simplify, standardize, and implement processes that will eliminate waste, save time, automate tasks, and create valuable insights.  I excel at focusing on the global view while considering the finer details to create comprehensive plans that are both sustainable and scalable.

With 20 years of healthcare experience, from frontline roles to executive positions, I effectively connect with teams at all levels. I have done the work, I understand the pain points, and I will develop simple yet impactful solutions that are scalable and sustainable for your business.

I created The Improvement Space to help fellow healthcare leaders achieve success for employees, providers, and patients. 


Process Improvement

|ˈprä-ˌses  im-ˈprüv-mənt |

The practice of creating systems to make existing processes faster, more accurate, more efficient, and more reliable. 

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear


Who are we?

Founded by a healthcare professional who understands the unique challenges faced by both healthcare providers and business leaders, The Improvement Space offers a distinctive approach to process improvement, combining industry-specific insights with innovative strategies.

We specialize in creating simple, effective, and scalable solutions to operational challenges. Collaborating closely with business leaders, we develop clear metrics for success, design processes tailored to achieve your goals, and create tools to track performance. 

How do we deliver?

Our methodology is based on cost effective solutions that provide immediate delivery of quick wins plus long-term solutions to support your business goals. 

We streamline operations to save time and money, allowing your teams to accomplish more.  We create visibility into team performance metrics, which provides valuable information for leaders to understand what is working and what requires improvement.  

Our dedication to execution sets us apart. Transformative ideas alone do not lead to tangible improvements; they require meticulous implementation and sustained maintenance. We develop comprehensive roadmaps to ensure your process changes are not only successfully executed but also firmly embedded for lasting impact.

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Our areas of expertise

We partner with medical practices of all sizes to develop custom solutions and standardized processes that drive operational efficiency.​​

  • Streamline the patient encounter, creating more time 

  • Automate administrative processes and shift time spent to value-added tasks 

  • Eliminate redundancy, waste, and rework created through layers of workarounds, outdated processes, and human error

  • Generate insights into performance and apply them to improvement

  • Create customized standard operating procedures to formally document your newly adopted processes

  • Develop training materials for new and existing team members

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